Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Baby Toys


It may seem that eco-friendly toys are costly, difficult to find or simply will not offer your child exactly the same stimulation as mainstream toys. Well then you’re set for a enjoyable surprise! Within this guide we’ll let you know what you ought to learn about organic and earth-friendly toys from why they’re a better option for the baby to how to pick the best toy.

Why buy an eco-friendly toy? Do you know the benefits?

Eco-friendly toys are a good option for your child or perhaps a gift you realize you are able to experience. It is because organic and natural eco-friendly toys don’t contain potentially dangerous chemicals for example phlatates, bisphenol A, soft vinyl PVC, chemicals, lead or flame retardants – and that is simply to name a couple of! It cannot be great to reveal your child to any or all individuals chemicals and potential irritants – not when you will find great natural options which are a lot better for that atmosphere too (are you aware that non of plastic mankind has produced has yet degraded? )

How to pick an eco-friendly baby toy.

1. Safety – The first consideration when selecting an infant toy is safety. Simply because it’s natural or organic does not instantly imply that its safe, so search for small parts (most organic toys will not have buttons and so on but check toys meet safety standards.

2. Materials – for any wooden toy to become eco-friendly the wood must originate from ethical/sustainable sources (most are now produced from old rubber trees that no more produce latex) and soft toys ought to be produced from natural fibres for example cotton, made of woll or bamboo and really should happen to be grown without using chemicals

3. Labelling – for true earth-friendly toys search for labels for example

a. Non-toxic

b. Sustainable materials

c. Vegetable based, water soluble paints

d. Natural/organic

4. Which toys? – obviously it’s highly unlikely that kids toys is going to be natural, organic or eco-friendly what exactly are the most crucial toys which should attempt to add for your toy box? Come up with as numerous toys for any youthful baby natural/organic as you possibly can – remember they just do not need individuals many when they’re little. This will be significant since the more youthful a young child may be the less able themselves is deal with toxins and all sorts of babies possess a inclination to place all things in their mouths! Therefore the best choices (plus they aren’t too costly either) are wooden or safer natural rattles and teethers. Organic soft toys provide a safer choice for your child. Getting not been manufactured with chemicals or nasty fire retardants they are not only safer for the baby but a lot more allergy friendly. So search for organic soft toys for teething, soft foundations so that as blankies/bed comforters/snuggle buddies.

5. How to locate organic and eco-friendly toys

Well the good thing is these great baby and earth-friendly toys are available in an increasing number of mainstream shops (although choice maybe limited) and specialty shops many of which are online which makes for convenient shopping!