Tips for growing cannabis plants indoors


With the cost of marijuana and other pots increasing tremendously, you wouldn’t be wrong to consider growing weed yourself. How nice would it be to grow weed right inside your home without your neighbours having any clue about it? How great would it be to see the growth phase of your plants from the scratch to end? When you smoke or sniff cannabis that you have grown yourself, the thrill and “high” feeling that you get is several notches higher than what you get from the strains and plants that you purchase from outside. Here are some tips that will help you to grow weed indoors.

Seeds vs. Clones

Most of you might choose clones because they give you the assurance of female plants. However, nothing can match the natural potency of the marijuana seeds. Clones are only root cuttings that match the exact genetic characteristics of the female mother plant. They don’t have a taproot; therefore, they are not stable and are prone to excessive damage when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Seeds, on the other hand, produce plants that are strong and durable. You can grow seeds indoors and outdoors (provided you have a big area). Clones are effective for indoor use only and they produce smaller plants, which eventually lead to lesser yields.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose seeds over clones, even though the cultivation process is longer with seeds.

Enough light and ventilation

If you want your cannabis plants to grow to the correct height and produce a good yield, you should ensure that the grow area is properly ventilated. There should be enough movement of air in and out of the grow area for the plants to breathe properly. Else, they become brown and the humidity leads to mould formation on their leaves. When you use LED lights, ensure that you fix them in the right location because they can cause severe damage to the plants when they are placed very near to them.

Pay enough attention to the soil quality

A good quality of organic soil is enough to give the marijuana plants the nutrients that they require. You have to do proper research to choose the soil properly. If you thought excessive use of fertilizers and other soil boosters would fetch you a good yield, you are mistaken. There is an old English adage that goes this way – too much of anything is good for nothing. This applies to fertilizers as well.

pH balance of the water is very important

The acidic and alkaline balance in water is measured in term of pH (power of hydrogen). This ranges from 1 to 14. When water has a pH balance of less than 7, it is considered to be acidic and when the balance goes more than 7 it is considered to be alkaline. Marijuana plants provide good yield in acidic water. Therefore, you have to monitor the pH balance of the water on a daily basis and ensure that it is maintained in the range of 6 or 6.5 for best results. If there is a slight change in this, it can affect the growth and yield quality of the plants.