If you have to travel via airplane with any sort of regularity you are likely all too familiar with how stressful airports and travelling can be. Lost luggage, crying babies, delayed flights, layovers, and bad food can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. All of this excess stress and problems can leave even the most experienced traveller asking themselves “How can I reduce stress and save money when Im travelling”. Fret no more! This helpful guide will get you on your way to saving heaps of money and making sure your time spent travelling is as stress free as possible. Consider some of these real world tips and tricks the next time you are considering booking tickets for a trip.

Always Buy Your Tickets Online Ahead of Time

If you know you are planning a trip ahead of time make sure to book your airfare as soon as you know the dates you plan on travelling. Make sure you do not purchase your tickets directly from the airline either. While it may seem like the obvious first choice they usually run higher prices than their competitors. Websites like orbitz, expedia, travelocity, priceline, and Emirates will consistently have lower prices than buying directly from the airlines. This is because they often buy large sums of bulk tickets from the airlines at a cheaper rate. They then consolidate them and organize them and pass the savings on to their customers.

Avoid taking any checked luggage if at all possible

If you are taking only a short trip it is wisest to take only a carry on bag. In the days of yore the airlines would usually allow checked luggage free of charge. Now it can cost as much as $100 per checked bag. The easiest way to circumvent this is to pack everything into your carryon luggage. You may have to forgo taking shampoo and conditioner but it will save you lots of money in the short and long run. The airlines can’t lose your bag if you don’t give them one.