Looking To Buy Gold Coins? Here Are Some Tips!


Precious metals, especially gold, are considered to be safe investments for small and large investors alike. Keeping all factors and economic distress aside, the prices of gold never really fluctuate beyond the expected margin, and most importantly, you can always find a buyer. In many ways, coins are better than jewelry from investment point of view, but buying gold coins requires some knowledge about the metal and other aspects. Check these quick essential tips before finding a coin shop near me.

Should I buy gold coins?

As an investor, you are probably wondering if buying gold coins is a good idea, especially when there is a choice of gold exchange-traded funds. However, gold ETFs don’t give you real or tangible gold. As such, if you are in mood of getting something more accessible and easy to sell, gold bullion coins are better. The only downside is the fact that the prices tend to fluctuate, so you may have to hold onto your coins before the right time. This also calls for keeping an eye on the prices and market trends. Nevertheless, gold coins are easy to buy and sell, and you can always find a buyer. In fact, most dealers selling these coins will buy them back too. By the way, most gold coins are either 24-karat or 22-karat, depending on the source.

Try and find a good dealer

If you can find a reputable and reliable dealer for your purchase, half the battle is won. First and foremost, check if the precious metal dealer is licensed, and if yes, find more. Check the number of years a dealer has been in business. More years translates to better experience, more skills and knowledge. Also, it is always better to work with a dealer with a brick-and-mortar store, even if that means paying a tad more than what you would otherwise pay in a flea market. If you are selling coins, you may want to check their grading equipment, which must be certified annually by the state.

Check if you can get free appraisals?

A lot of gold dealers do offer free verbal appraisals for coins and jewelry, besides detailed evaluation of silver, gold and platinum items, including coins. As a buyer, you might not understand how they are doing it, but a trusted dealer will never shy away from sharing details.

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