An Education On The 4Cs Of Diamonds


Diamonds are the first love for many connoisseurs. Whether a man or a woman, the love of diamonds often drive them in adding the exquisite pieces of  diamond jewellery in their collections. You might be wondering how a man can have diamonds in his collection. Well, it’s true that men from today’s generation doesn’t wear jewellery like they used to in the ancient times, but there are some passionate men who collect diamond bracelets or diamond studded pendants or even find it interesting to fix an exquisite rock on their rings. Wearing diamond studded gold watches is also seen among many modern men.

When the discussion comes in favor of women then no special introduction is required. Women love diamonds. There’s hardly any who doesn’t have passion for the amazing rocks. So, whether you’re a man or a woman looking forward to buying diamond jewellery, then let us help you educating with the 4Cs of Diamonds—

Enhance your knowledge on the 4Cs of Diamond Education

If you lack sufficient knowledge on the 4Cs, then let us take you to a short tutorial tour. The diamond education starts with the 4Cs- cut, clarity, color and carat. First timers are strongly recommended to explore certain blogs and articles where this topic is clearly discussed.

  • Cut: It’s the most significant elements that is noticed when diamond is bought. You should know about the different types of diamond cuts such as- princess, oval, emerald, round, pear, heart, cushion, marquise, radiant, asscher etc.
  • Clarity: Often considered as the less significant of the 4Cs, but clarity is needed when someone is buying a diamond ring from Tanishq or any celebrated brand. It’s the clarity that scrutinizes the minute imperfections in the cut, color or the overall diamond.
  • Color: You like any other diamond buyer have the liberty to purchase the diamond of any color whether light yellow or pink, but diamonds of less color hold the position of the higher grades. So, by selecting the crystal clear diamonds, you can be more inclined towards selecting the more sophisticated pieces.
  • Carat: Diamonds are measured in carats. So, while purchasing a diamond ring, necklace or bracelet- you should know the exact measurement of the diamonds like you do when buying a gold jewellery or a platinum piece.

Along with these major 4Cs, you should check the shape of the products. Receive the certification of the diamonds that you need if you ever sell the pieces.