A Real Difference in Fashion Across the Pond


A lot of people assume that America and England are similar countries, mostly because they speak the same language. England is also on the edge of Europe and just across the water from North America. However, these two countries could not be more different. Yes, they both speak English, but there are so many differences in the two dialects that they might as well be considered two different languages. Words are spelled totally differently, pronounced another way, and replaced with other unknown words. There is also a huge difference in cuisine. The English diet is more simple and less healthy while Americans are finding new ways to eat unique and healthy foods on a daily basis. Even though England has similar weather to some parts of the USA such as certain parts of the east coast, each country has its own style and the fashion is dissimilar.

Dressing Like a British Man

It is hard and unfair to generalise any fashion style in a country because it can largely differ and depend on what area of the nation is being discussed. For example, the styles in London will probably be different from what people are wearing in Sheffield, England. The same goes for fashion in New York compared to how people dress in Missouri. However, there are some basic differences between American and British men’s fashion. British men tend to dress more European, meaning more clean-cut, fancier, and tighter looks. American men usually dress more casually on a daily basis unless the need presents itself to wear suits or more formal outfits. If you visit a city in a place like southern California, you might not see anything besides shorts and sandals on men. In England, trousers are more popular to wear, especially chinos for the fashionable man. Weather does make it hard for men to wear shorts in England, but I don’t think there would be that many British men sporting a laid-back style like you see all over America.


Posh Women in Both Countries

Women’s fashion is much more complicated than men’s. There is a much wider variety of outfit options for women to choose from. It is much more common for women to wear trousers in the US than in the UK. British women have a more feminine style and will more likely choose to wear skirts or dresses most days, almost always with tights under them for cooler weather days. Hats are definitely more prominent in British style and sandals are also not that popular for English women. Again, weather is a factor but boots and closed-toed shoes are seen more around shops in England. Rain gear also becomes an option when living in a country like England where it is generally cold, grey, and rainy. Women have become very fashionable with the variety of raincoats and rain boots available these days. These are just a few of the many fashion differences that can be seen on the streets of America and England.