6 Essential Shoes for the Man’s Wardrobe


Shoes for men may not be topmost on the list for a fashion article or a boutique exhibition, but shoes definitely go a long way in making or breaking an impression (or outfit). So here’s a list of all the trendy and comfortable footwear that a man can’t and shouldn’t do without.

  1. Black Lace-ups:

You simply cannot be considered a well-dressed and fashionable gentleman if you don’t own a pair of these. These oxford lace-ups are the perfect match for that suited up attire. If your workplace demands strict dress codes, these are the shoes that will make your personality stand out in the board or meeting room.

  1. Sneakers:

Sneakers are for that casual day out with friends or family. A strict no-no for parties and offices, these shoes are one notch higher in comfort than formals and boots. Pick a good pastel shade and a good, durable sole and you are all set to venture out with that adventurous man in you.

  1. Trainers:

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. After all, a little sports and exercise never hurt anyone. A robust pair of trainers from a reliable sports brand is your shoe to go for the gym. Train in them as much as you possibly can, a fit body with an undefeated sense of style will always catch the attention of the opposite gender. Only take care of putting on a pair of socks before sweating in those trainers.

  1. Slip-ons:

Casual and simple, yet flirtier and smarter than a pair of sneakers, mono-coloured slip-ons are the new trend in men’s footwear. Hassle free, good to look at, extremely comfortable and versatile in its range of uses, these shoes are worth a big buy for the experimental fashionista in you.

  1. Boots:

A great pair of boots can serve you in any weather and for any purpose. For varieties, you can choose rubber boots resilient to all types of weather or desert boots(which mostly come in suede). Suede Desert Boots are low-cut ankle boots with soft blurs and sharp features. These go with both formal and casual attires which make them an absolute necessity for your shoe wardrobe.

  1. Brown Brogues:

Brogues are a classy style of footwearthat you can include in your wardrobe to add a look of antique masculinity to your collection. The perfectly placed holes were originally designed to allow water to drain out if the owner happened to be wading through swamps. While they are no longer used for walking through marshy lands, these shoes make a perfect addition to your fashion forward shoe collection.

Follow this guide to own the absolutely essential range of footwear and turn heads in the streets. After all, women should not be the only one to have wardrobes filled with various sizes and shapes of heels and wedges. Men, too, can come out with their best feet forward to end the footwear monopoly of women.